Fear of Failure

May 8, 2012 in Blog, Conversations with Isobel

TKD isobel

Isobel tip tested in tae kwon do today. I wouldn’t have let her if I had a choice because we missed a lot of classes and I honestly didn’t even know what the things to learn for testing were – not to mention actually practiced them. But she was in the kids class – I wasn’t there. And she lets none of that stop her. She has no fear of failure. So when she tested she stood up in front of 30 kids, knowing not at all what to do.The instructor told her she needed to do a side kick to the back (this involves spinning around and kicking the board he held). He gave her instruction, she tried. She failed. She tried again. She failed – too low. She tried again – failed – not close enough. On the fifth try she succeeded and the room erupted in applause. This is the up side to entitlement. Her total confidence in herself keeps her from being afraid to ask for more. Her lack of fear of failure frees her to accomplish without limitation. Our job as parents is to let those gifts continue to exist in a world bent on breaking her. Parenting is hard. But how awesome to have her to teach me.

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