Art project, or evidence I rock at parenting

September 5, 2012 in Blog


1. Take some pics of your kid dancing- I let her listen to “I whip my hair back and forth” by willow smith. (it’s pretty funny).
2. Print it out – if you’re fancy you can print it on vinylish sticker paper, but I used regular paper and then traced the silhouette onto shelf paper and cut that out to make the mask.
3. Paint a canvas black.
4. Apply the mask.
5. Go to town painting! I repainted the canvas white to be certain that the only black would be the silhouette. We tried splatter painting (in a swim suit- figured it’d be easier to hose her off) but it was more tedious to get full coverage so I ended up sponge painting and then dropping paint over that with an eye dropper. Isobel stopped at sponge painting… Wasn’t into the full coverage I was after…
6. Remove mask and embrace your awesomeness.


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