Gluten Free Eclairs

November 24, 2013 in Blog

imageDid I make (from scratch) gluten free Eclairs for breakfast? Yes. Yes, I did. I think the words you’re looking for are, “nailed it!”

Recently, Isobel discovered the joy of the Boston Cream donut. Sure, I like a boston cream donut as much as anybody, but my husband likes a Boston cream donut like nobody else. It is baked into his culture… Or fried maybe. At any rate, since he has been gluten free it hasn’t really been an option for him. But once Isobel opened the door for the craving…

I’ve made gluten free choux pastry before to make churros so I figured an eclair would probably taste pretty decent and it keeps me from having to fry more dough which is just sort of a messy pain. I followed the glutenista’s recipe and it came out great. I’m not sure what she meant in her chocolate to butter ratio.. It certainly wasn’t a one to one by weight, so maybe she meant by volume. By weight, 2 to 1 of chocolate to butter gets you the right consistency. Also the vanilla filling is way more than you need so you could double the choux if you’re in a waste not want not kind of mood. I am freezing a few assembled Eclairs and also freezing the excess filling separately so we’ll see how that keeps.

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